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I was born and raised in Port Alberni and graduated from ADSS in 1996. I moved away to go to University and College, travel, and work. I was a deckhand on my dad’s salmon troller for a few summers in and out of High School and fished in the Queen Charlottes/Haida Gwai and off the South Coast of BC, Washington and Oregon.

I completed a Diploma in Information Technology at Malaspina University College and became the Technician in the Information Technology and Applied Systems Program. I will have been at Malaspina/VIU 14 years this August and am now a Computer and Educational Technician helping students and faculty in the Media Studies Department.

I live in Port Alberni with my wife Theresa and 2 children Jade and Josh (10 and 7!). We moved back to Port Alberni in 2005 to be closer to family and to raise our kids in the wonderful small town I knew and loved.

Once we were back in town I started the website, I ran a small computer support business from my home called Windward Systems. In 2007 I had the honour to have been asked to be on the City’s Climate Change Committee to develop its Climate Action Plan used to justify and direct CO2 reduction strategies to comply with the BC Government mandate for public institutions to be Carbon Neutral by 2010. This spurred me to create the Alberni Valley Transition Town Society with other concerned citizens to address food security, climate change and energy security in the City and to start a successful petition that gathered 654 signatures in 2010 for the railway to be used for potential transport for the Raven Coal Mine proposal. I’m still advocating for rail freight and passenger transportation inand out of the Alberni Valley.

And today, I am your representative.  Please get in touch:

Facebook: Chris Alemany

Twitter: @chrisalecanada

I hope to have a phone number for you soon too.

3 Responses to Bio and Contact

  1. I was so excited to see that you are running! Exactly what we need! All the best with the process. You’ll get my vote!

  2. chrisale says:

    Thank you Michelle! It’s going to be an exciting run!

  3. Serena Rata says:

    Congratulations Chris on your election to council! And thank you for your commitment to sharing of information, starting with your post of election results :) much appreciated easy, clear link! Thank you ! Makes me feel good that my feeling of confidence in voting for you was right! Good luck ! Hope you enjoy your work with the council and we keep going in the direction John was working towards! Cheers!

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