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The BC NDP Platform

The election campaign is officially here. The barbs have been flying for some time now, but I thought it worth it to go through each party platform, even though I will likely vote NDP, I still think it’s important to … Continue reading

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BREAKING: US Gov. rejects GM and Chrysler plans… suggests bankruptcy.

Wow: The Obama administration autos task force Monday rejected the turnaround plans of General Motors and Chrysler LLC and warned both could be put through bankruptcy to slash debts. “We have unfortunately concluded that neither plan submitted by either company … Continue reading

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Analysing my Earth Hour energy graphs

So last night I tracked my consumption during Earth Hour with The Energy Detective hooked up to this webite. Here’s the graph for the hour (click for larger image). It updates approximately every 1-2 seconds. Now I have all electric … Continue reading

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Has Bush decided to bomb Iran?

Because clearly… given past actions… if he has, then it really seems inevitable. (either by the US or it’s effective proxy, Israel which just practiced the first 1/4 of the run across northern Syria towards Iran when it was shot … Continue reading

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Canada is taking the wrong road

In the past many weeks, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced over $20 billion in new military spending. It is my opinion that world leaders have woken up to what will be the true battle of the 21st century. It … Continue reading

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