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HOWTO: Add NFS share in RedHat Enterprise 4

Last week I enabled our server to share a directory using NFS. This should not really have been a very complex task. But it turns out that with RHEL4, anything can be more complicated than it seems at first… at … Continue reading

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Google Places of the Day: Feb 24, 2006

We all know pictures make the “news” more interesting… so I got to thinking… I like to cover “International” topics… so maybe my readers would appreciate a Google’s eye view of the days events. So here are the four main … Continue reading

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New International News services

Right now, if you’re looking for news services with a truly global reach, there are only two. The BBC and CNN. Next year, there will be at least one more, and if you speak French, you’ll have one in that … Continue reading

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Iraq is the new Afghanistan

This according to a UN report. “Al Qaeda has managed to recover from the loss of Afghanistan as a training base for terrorism by exploiting the situation in Iraq,” the report said. The report was the third by an expert … Continue reading

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Never Again

When you hear those in power trying to convince you that Nuclear bombs and weaponry are necessary please read this. Akiko Seitelbach was 22 years old, and working at Mitsubishi Electrical as a volunteer, when the atomic bomb fell on … Continue reading

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