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BC Election 2009… Polls Close… continuing coverage tonight

Generally… I’m already depressed about the possible result. But I’m going to remain optimistic. I’ve put this post in the categories of Climate Change and Peak Oil because I think the coming decade, 2010-2020, will be pivotal, crucial, in the … Continue reading

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You can’t Get Swine Flu from Pigs!

It is really infuriating and disappointing to see the amount of fear and misinformation out there about the swine flu. I saw on the CBC news yesterday that a WHO official had stated to a number of people that the … Continue reading

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De-Bunking the No-STV website

I just happened to go over to the No-STV website and there is nothing that bugs me more than FUD. Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. And this website has it in spades. I’ll point out 3: #1… the “Hockey Analogy”: No-STV … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich can’t Count (oil) he’s dangerous.

Today the House Energy Committee got a visit from Al Gore… and he ruffled some feathers… especially those of Mr. Gingrich. Here’s his response He says that Al Gore presented “misleading ascertions”. Newt says… [Al Gore] said for example, the … Continue reading

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Hey BC NDP’ers: Al Gore wants Cap and Trade…. plus Carbon Tax

This at least makes me feel a little better about Carole James cynical opportunism…. If you don’t feel like clicking (come on, it’s only 1 1/2 minutes long!)… at a Senate Hearing discussing what sort of Climate policy and bill … Continue reading

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