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The BC NDP Platform

The election campaign is officially here. The barbs have been flying for some time now, but I thought it worth it to go through each party platform, even though I will likely vote NDP, I still think it’s important to … Continue reading

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From the comments: Former member of Citizens Assembly on David Schreck and BC-STV

(Anna Rankin posted this in the comments section of my previous post on BC-STV, I’ve reproduced it here for all to see) As a former member of the Citizen’s Assembly on Electoral Reform, I urge readers to do their own … Continue reading

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I’m Voting NDP to Keep Harper out.

This may come as a bit of a surprise, considering my last post. What I did not say outright in my last post was that I really was very impressed with Ms. May, her candidate in Nanaimo-Alberni John Fryer, and … Continue reading

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Listening to Elizabeth May in Port Alberni

I just came back from a rally for Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May and her candidate in this riding John Fryer. A little about John Fryer. His qualifications are quite good, perhaps one of the best qualified candidates … Continue reading

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New Liberal Leader – First Green PM?

(cross-posted to The Oil Drum: Canada) In a stunning victory, Stephane Dion is the new Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and has a good chance of being the next Prime Minister of Canada. (for those not French-inclined, his … Continue reading

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