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De-Bunking the No-STV website

I just happened to go over to the No-STV website and there is nothing that bugs me more than FUD. Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. And this website has it in spades. I’ll point out 3: #1… the “Hockey Analogy”: No-STV … Continue reading

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How to find out target ridings for BC-STV

So there was a post this morning on the BC STV website about a volunteer in North Vancouver doing some online research and coming up with specific areas in their riding that had not reached 60% in the 2005 referendum … Continue reading

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Ray Lahm, NDP… bows out… because that’s what honourable people do.

NDP Candidate Ray Lahm bowed out of a Vancouver riding over the weekend for having what were deemed “inappropriate” pictures of himself in his underwear on Facebook. So I ask the same question MyBlahg did this morning. Which picture is … Continue reading

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The BC NDP Platform

The election campaign is officially here. The barbs have been flying for some time now, but I thought it worth it to go through each party platform, even though I will likely vote NDP, I still think it’s important to … Continue reading

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Support the BC-STV Campaign! Order your (free) sign!

The BC STV Campaign is ramping up. This is going to sound like a canned message, but it’s not. I think everyone in BC, no matter their political leanings, can agree that our system doesn’t work very well. If you … Continue reading

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