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Try out BC STV online!

This is really cool! Some ingenious folks have created a website that mimics a BC Election using the BC-STV system. You can select your riding, choose your candidates, and then see how your vote gets processed. I “voted” multiple times … Continue reading

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Peak Oil and Gas biting hard in Alberta – Have-Not soon.

While both the Liberals and Conservatives in Parliament talk up the potential of the Tar Sands to keep votes in Alberta… the reality on the ground is starting to really hurt the revenues of Canadas’ richest province. As far back … Continue reading

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The BC NDP Platform

The election campaign is officially here. The barbs have been flying for some time now, but I thought it worth it to go through each party platform, even though I will likely vote NDP, I still think it’s important to … Continue reading

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Hotter than Hades – Climate Change vs. Global Warming.

So is this Global Warming? More precisely… is this Climate Change? We’ve set a number of temperature records in British Columbia over the past few days. My weather station at Alberni Weather.ca recorded a maximum of 41.1C on Friday (21st) … Continue reading

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Feasibility of Renewables – Or – Wind can power the World

I’ve been looking into improving the energy efficiency of my own home since I moved in last July. Being that the home was built in 1946, there is a lot of work to be done. In my travels, I’ve come … Continue reading

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