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BC Election 2009… Polls Close… continuing coverage tonight

Generally… I’m already depressed about the possible result. But I’m going to remain optimistic. I’ve put this post in the categories of Climate Change and Peak Oil because I think the coming decade, 2010-2020, will be pivotal, crucial, in the … Continue reading

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Advanced Poll results from North and Central Vancouver Island

I just downloaded the advance voting results available from the Elections BC Website. Here are the results from the North and Central Island after 4 days of advanced voting: Parksville-Qualicum: 14.5% Comox: 14.2% Cowichan Valley: 13.4% Alberni-Pacific Rim: 11.9% North … Continue reading

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Christy Clark on CKNW on STV… vote for real change!

I don’t generally agree with Christy Clark, or anyone on CKNW really… but on this I think she has really hit the nail from the head… and most of all, she speaks from experience as a former MLA. I’ve recorded … Continue reading

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Reasons to vote for BC-STV 2

Stop the gerrymandering of ridings: One of the big crutches of the No side is the notion that big ridings have a lot of pitfalls. Well, here is one big reason why they could be a good thing. Anyone of … Continue reading

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Analysis of Alberni Pac-Rim ACM

So here’s my take on how the meeting went tonight. Supporters in the room: There were probably 20 rows of chairs with an aisle in the middle. It was pretty much full, plus lots of people standing. The only large … Continue reading

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