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Updated: Beach is symbolic of Port Alberni’s potential and needed direction

June 9: I’ve added more info and a letter to the bottom of this post… Scroll down to check it all out.  The June 9 Agenda includes the full contract to be signed with PAPA. In a week’s time Council … Continue reading

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A Letter to Council about the Beach

I sent a letter to the City and Council about Canal Beach this morning urging them to pursue a public input process before making any more decisions about the Plywood site.  It is at the bottom of this post. I … Continue reading

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So, the Beach!?

Update: May 1 The Beach cleanup and appreciation is at 10AM Saturday. As is often the case with hot-button topics, this topic just got hotter. The Peak is reporting that the City, Port Authority and a local business have signed … Continue reading

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Teachers Should Obey The Law. They Should Walk Out

BC Teachers are currently deciding whether they should challenge the government and walk out in defiance of Bill 22 and the fines it imposes. I say, yes, they should. In fact they should not return until the Government agrees to … Continue reading

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Be a Marrow Donor

I just signed up to be a Bone Marrow donor. Will you? You should, you might never have to actually donate your bone marrow stem cells, but then again, you might be the only person in the whole world with … Continue reading

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