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Ding Dong, Is Raven Coal Dead? Maybe not.

Amongst other big announcements yesterday ( ) there was one from the company that has been proposing to ship coal through Port Alberni for a good chunk of the last decade. Compliance Energy Corporation, parent company of Compliance Coal Corporation, … Continue reading

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A rebuttal to the BC Governments LNG propaganda quiz.

The BC Government has released a Quiz to show how fun LNG facts are! What it really is is an exercise in propaganda and PR to sell their ill advised, and dangerous, LNG wishes. Here is my spoiler of the … Continue reading

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Fact Checking Christy Clark CCTV/CNTV Interview

On November 25th Christy Clark gave an interview to CCTV/CNTV in Chengdu, China (transcript and video here). This is the Premier of BC selling BC’s resources overseas. Why don’t we find out if what they are telling them is true. … Continue reading

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Port Alberni – The Youngest Place on Vancouver Island?

Lots of news out there today about the Census data. If you’re wondering about Port Alberni, linked are the goods from Stats Can: Duncan, Courtenay and Campbell River are pretty similar to us age wise, but compared to our closest … Continue reading

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IPad work on WiFi but not Virgin 3G… Call Virgin

So a couple months back (conveniently right before the new iPad(tm) was released) my iPad 2 suddenly refused to connect to the Internet with 3G. Everything worked on Wifi but on 3G, even with 4 ‘bars’ showing, nothing could access … Continue reading

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