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Budget Rants – Community Grants – Sewage Plants

Budget fun continues! We had a great session last Wednesday night with the public where everyone was able to give their opinions on what they thought would be good projects for the City to do, or services to cut.  Some of … Continue reading

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More Dept. Budgets – Plus Planning! Co-Op on 10th Avenue

The long march of budget meetings continues with multiple departments this morning at 10AM (unfortunately I cannot attend) with Admin Services, Corporate Services, Finance and Reserves, and the ERRF gets its own (that stands for Equipment Replacement Reserve Fund) then the … Continue reading

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Want to know everything about everything at the City?

Tons of information today! All agendas for meetings today are on the City website. First…. in just a few minutes at 9:30AM there will be a special meeting in Council chambers on the Raven Coal issue and the work that … Continue reading

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Important: Special Meeting on District Energy Project Monday

After Meeting Update – Catalyst will be approach to provide steam – Next Decision at Regular Meeting on Feb 23rd – Don’t forget the poll on the side. We had an excellent meeting on Monday afternoon.  Mr. Deakin (Economic Development Manager) … Continue reading

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Urgent Water Conservation Measures Feb 4th Due to Water Plant Upgrades

Passing along the message from the City’s Website. For the construction of the City’s new Bainbridge Water Treatment Plant, a temporary water supply shut down is required for a large water main connection. City crews need to cut into the main … Continue reading

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