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Bike racks at 6PM. Foot/bike bridge and Nanaimo foot ferry at 7PM

Just a quick note that if you are in support of more bike and pedestrian friendly infrastructure in our City today might be a good day to head to City Hall. At 6PM there will be an official public hearing … Continue reading

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Social Planning Council Questions

The Alberni Valley Social Planning Council sent these questions out to candidates last week.  With their permission, I’ve reproduced them here with the answers I provided.  Our poor, and mentally and physically challenged, and especially our disadvantaged children need support. … Continue reading

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From 1995 – The effects of greenhouse gases on the biosphere of Canada

The following is an essay I wrote for Biology 150 at UVic in my first year in 1995.  I only recently rediscovered this essay when I was going through some old digital files on a very old Atari ST computer … Continue reading

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Mayor Candidates Meeting – Opening Statements

Here are the opening statements of the 7 candidates for Mayor for Port Alberni. I apologize a) that I cut Ms. Solda off from her very first few words… bumbling with the iPad. and b) that my iPad didn’t have … Continue reading

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Getting Rail back into Port Alberni and reforming the ICF

If you have read any of my letters to the papers over the last few years you would know I see reactivating the railway as a key way to grow our economy, limit city expenses, and provide new opportunities for … Continue reading

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