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Council Live blog time! – Bike Paths!

Here we go! Newest is at the top. Here is the Agenda. Done! 21:42 – Chopra moves to put $350,000 in a special fund with $100,000 going to general. 21:42 – McLeman removes rest of motions. 21:41 – motion defeated … Continue reading

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Gas Fracking, LNG and what Councillors should, and likely do know.

One thing that really bugs me about politicians is when they fein ignorance to avoid dealing with a topic. At last nights City Council meeting there was a letter addressed to council from a resident of Burnaby that had gotten … Continue reading

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June 14 – Council live blog – Big Agenda!

We are getting started! Most recent on top. And we are done. 10:08 – Washington asks about Nomination and election timing. Hartwell says all info is on the website. 10:07 – Kerr notice of motion to have AVICC do a … Continue reading

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What Has Happened to our Recycling!?

If you are anything like my family you probably try to recycle as much as you can. It’s just the right thing to do right? Well, we were horrified this week when about 95% of our recycling was turned away! … Continue reading

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Council Live Blog June 23rd!

Newest update will be at top. And DONE, thanks all. 20:56: Chopra asks if we can order someone to appear like Solda suggest… Solda, we are only inviting. 20:55: Kerr asks about water main to pier… Watson says it will … Continue reading

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