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July 05… new Home in Port Alberni in the Summertime

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Inside the Earth and Beyond Neptune

A couple interesting scientific discoveries lately. One was the discovery of another “minor planet” that resides in the Kuiper Belt of asteroids beyond Neptune. There have actually been two of these large space rocks found recently. The BBC reports extensively … Continue reading

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Changing of the Guard in Iran

A moving post from Iran Hopes 2005 Today, at a newspaper agent, I found an elderly woman in tears. Her eyes were fixed on the headlines of a newspaper which read: “The Last Saturday of Khatami”. She was crying in … Continue reading

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How Bin Laden Got Away

According to the CIA Officer who lead the operation at Tora Bora in 2001. Or at least he’d like us to know.. but the US Administration is, unsurprisingly, dragging their feet on approving his manuscript for release. So now the … Continue reading

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Electoral Reform moves forward in BC

The Green Party of BC has posted a release on their website detailing the recent meeting between their leader, Adrian Carr, and BC Premier Gordon Campbell. (Audio Podcast Available) Campbell had promised to meet with Carr to discuss the results … Continue reading

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